Hard rubbish (bulky waste) are items that cannot fit in a regular bin and are usually quite large such as fridges, washing machines, couches, cupboards, wardrobes, televisions, furniture, computers, mattresses, and similar items. Some hard rubbish collections also include bundled branches.

Hard rubbish collection does not include recyclable items, building materials or regular household rubbish.

To book a hard rubbish collection you can call our office on 03 9721 1915, or you get more information by visiting our hard waste collection page.

Yes, sometimes the mailed sticker does not arrive in time. Please call our office on 03 9721 1915 if in doubt.

The price depends on your location. We provide hard rubbish services to certain councils in Melbourne. These councils provide their residents with one or two free hard rubbish collections each financial year. To check if you are eligible for free hard rubbish collection contact our office.

Most Councils booked hard waste collections work on a financial year basis (1 July to 30 June). In this case you would be eligible for a free collection from 1st July.

It is not expected that any item is in working order, complete or usable.

Call our office on 03 9721 1915 if you wish to cancel or postpone your collection . However you have to do this before your collection week commences.

WM Waste Management Services can provide skips and walk in bins of various sizes. We can assist with general and light waste, heavy waste, concrete waste and dirt as well as specialised green waste and hard waste collection options. We do not accept chemicals, foodstuffs, paint or oil. Find out more by visiting the WM Waste site.

Yes, we collect trampolines as part of your hard rubbish collections, as long as it has been dissembled and the pieces are no longer than 1.5 meters each.

We do not accept fluorescent tubing or solar panels in hard rubbish. You can take these items to KTS Recycling centers.

For any more questions on hard rubbish waste collection, call our office on 03 9721 1915 or contact us online.

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