Hard Rubbish Booking

This Service is only available to households where a waste charge is paid.

How much hard waste will be collected?

Households can book 2 collections of up to 1 cubic metre per financial year, or 1 collection of up to 2 cubic metres. One collection is 1 cubic metres – 1 metres long x 1 metre high x 1 metre wide. In feet this equates to 3ft x 3ft x 3ft.

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Unacceptable items will not be collected - please check the listing below of what will and will not be collected.

Items placed on the nature strip without a booking are considered as illegal dumping and may result in a fine.


You should receive a confirmation email immediately after booking outlining your collection week, when and where to place out the waste, the acceptable and unacceptable waste and the amount of waste that can be placed out.

Booking instructions
  • Bookings will be confirmed by email directly after booking is placed. A confirmation SMS will be sent the Friday before your collection is booked to take place.
  • Neatly place items on the nature strip the weekend before the collection week (by 6am Monday morning of your collection week). Do not place items on your nature strip any earlier.
  • Items should be no heavier than two people can lift and less than 1.5m in length..
  • Place no more than one cubic metre of items on your nature strip, excess will count as two collections.
  • If you are unable to place your waste on the nature strip, make a note in the ‘special instructions’ section of the booking form


What items will be collected


The following items will be collected through the booked collection service:

  • Carpet and underlay
  • Household furniture
  • Mattress and base (1 per household)
  • Timber (up to 10 pieces, no longer than 1.5 metres)
  • E-Waste including TV's computers and accessories, household appliances
  • White goods including washing machines, dishwashers, stoves, dryers, fridges and freezers (with doors removed)
  • Scrap metal
  • All glass wrapped and marked as 'glass' (including sheet glass/mirror)


What items will not be collected


Do not place the following items out for collections as they will not be picked up.

  • Building waste and renovation materials
  • Concrete sheeting
  • Gas bottles
  • Tyres
  • Chemicals, oils or poisons
  • Paint
  • Household recycling and rubbish (including cardboard boxes)
  • Garden materials
  • Bean bags, polystyrene and foam
  • Hazardous waste including asbestos
  • Commercial or industrial waste


When do I put my hard waste out?


Place items on your nature strip on the Sunday before your booked collection week.

Do not put items out on your nature strip without booking. It is illegal to place items out at any other time and penalties apply under the General Local Law


What else can I do with my hard waste?

Most items collected through hard waste end up in landfill. If your items are in good condition, consider giving them a second life. Options for reusing goods include:

  • Donate: drop of items off at a charity store during business hours, or call on of the charities to arrange a free collection
    • Brotherhood of St Laurence 1300 366 283
    • Diabetes Australia - Victoria 9923 8400
    • St Vincent de Paul Society of Victoria 1800 621 349.


  • Sell, swap or give away: many online platforms are available to sell, give away, swap or share your pre-loved goods such as
    Facebook marketplace and free good groups, Zilch, Freecycle and Gumtree.
    • Brotherhood of St Laurence 1300 366 283
    • Diabetes Australia - Victoria 9923 8400
    • St Vincent de Paul Society of Victoria 1800 621 349.


  • Garage Sale Trail: we participate in Garage Sale Trail each year. Garage Sale Trail gives residence and community groups the
    opportunity to participate in a national weekend of garage sales
    Go to garagesalestrail.com.au for more information
    • Repair: some broken household items can be fixed at a Repair Cafe.
      Go to brunswicktoollibrary.org for information and event dates



More Information:

Visit merri-bek.vic.gov.au/reducingwaste for more information on how to recycle, reuse or donate items that you no longer need.

Visit merri-bek.vic.gov.au/bookedhardwaste for more information about the booked hard waste service trial.

Not sure?

For any more information on any of our hard rubbish or waste collection services, or any of our other waste management services don’t hesitate to call us on:

03 9721 1915or contact us online.

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