Between 1 October and 30 September all residential ratepayers and those renting homes within Hume are eligible for TWO free home hard rubbish collections.

We can pick up 3 cubic meters of hard rubbish from your home each collection, or you can combine your two free collections into one large collection for the year.

3cubic meters is: 3m long x 1m high x 1m wide. In feet this equates to 10ft x 3ft x 3ft.

6cubic meters is: 6m long x 1m high x 1m wide. In feet this equates to 20ft x 3ft x 3ft.

Booking instructions

  • Check the ‘what we collect’ list below so you only place out items that can be collected safely.
  • See alternative rubbish disposal options if your items are unable to be collected through this service
  • If the property address is accepted, select the next available week for collection.

*Collections will take place between Monday – Friday during the week of your booking.

Please note- throughout December there will be limited numbers of collections due to the Christmas period. Please book your collection ASAP and note there may be an extended wait for your hard rubbish to be collected

 Time to place your collection: Ensure your items are placed for collection by 6am Monday morning on the week of collection.

Location of items:

  • Place hard rubbish items inside your front yard – no more than 2m from the boundary/fence.
  • Ensure items are neatly piled and easily accessible by the collection crew. If you have a fence along your property boundary you will need to ensure the driveway access is clear of obstruction, this includes closed gates or parked cars.
  • If you are unable to place the items inside your property boundary you can opt to place them on the nature strip instead – please note this option as a special instruction in the booking form.
We will COLLECT:

  • Mattresses and bed bases
  • Household furniture and toys
  • Whitegoods (doors removed), air conditioners and hot water units
  • Car and 4WD tyres – rims must be separated from the tyre
  • Computers, televisions and electrical equipment
  • Scrap metal, tools and equipment including body parts, lawn mowers, roof iron and guttering
  • Carpet (rolled and tied, cut in to bundles no more than 1.5m in length and 30kg each)
  • Pottery, ceramics and chinaware
  • Sheet glass which is securely wrapped and clearly marked as ‘glass’
  • Tools and equipment, car parts, each item less than 30kg weight or 1.5m long
  • Open/unlidded, clean, rinsed, empty metal tanks, drums and paint tins
  • Trash and treasure items
  • Fences and scrap fencing (bundled) – nails must be removed or hammered down and bundles must be suitable for one person to lift above shoulder height (no more than 1.5m in length and 1m in width)
  • Wood/timber (bundled) – no more than 1.5m in length and 1m in width (no tree branches).

  • Items or bundles weighing more than 30kg each (excluding household appliances)
  • Items or bundles 1.5m or longer
  • Building materials (including bricks, concrete, excavation material, plaster, dirt or stones)
  • Commercial or industrial trade wastes
  • Household garbage
  • Household recyclable goods
  • Hazardous and/or offensive wastes (including asbestos)
  • Car engines
  • Truck and tractor tyres
  • Unwrapped panes of broken glass
  • Garden waste
  • Timber pallets
  • Clothes and shoes
  • Water tanks.

Hume City Hard Rubbish Collection

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Not sure?

For any more information on any of our hard rubbish or waste collection services, or any of our other waste management services don’t hesitate to call us on:

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